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blue ocean sewage coal mine use industrial sewage evaporator

The installation position of the evaporation pond sprayer ensures that all
unevaporated liquids or pollutants are controlled to fall within the
permitted range. The evaporative sprayer system is used in many fields,
including medical and chemical industry, petrochemical industry, including
mining, food industry, wood processing, power industry and urban sewage
treatment plants
Realize PLC centralized control, wireless network monitoring and remote
control. The Blue Ocean equipment is all processed and shaped by national
standard 304 stainless steel, which prevents the possibility of fouling of
the equipment itself in the later stage. The equipment model DN20-DN250
meets various pipeline models.
Features:Floating evaporator: The equipment is installed on a floating boat
and placed on the water surface of the evaporation pond for atomization and
evaporation. 1. The power is 13.2KW, and the water evaporation per hour is
about 3m³. 2. Low power consumption and strong continuous working ability.
All seals of the equipment adopt maintenance-free equipment. The industrial
evaporator device can guarantee continuous operation for 10,000 hours
without shutting down under normal conditions. It is overhauled once a year.
3. The high-speed rotating impeller breaks the water into small droplets
with a diameter of 100μm, forming a fog pattern, and evaporates using
natural weather conditions with high evaporation efficiency. 4. Installed on
the water surface of the evaporation pond 5. Adopt booster water pump to
supply water, and the water outlet of the water spray device is located
below the fan blade. Under the action of the fan blade, the water has a long
time in contact with the external environment and the evaporation effect is
good. 6. The characteristics of low project investment, simple operation and
management, convenient installation and disassembly, and low floor space can
completely make up for the shortcomings of natural evaporation ponds. 7.
Installed on the evaporation pond, it can enhance the evaporation effect,
which can increase the evaporation effect by 14-30 times, and the
evaporation pond area required to evaporate the same wastewater can be
reduced to 1/10 of the original.
blue ocean sewage coal mine use industrial sewage evaporator
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