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Date/Time:  12/26/22 6:37 GMT


The biological nanometer industry because of the experimental requirements
often uses all kinds of chemical reagents, if such chemicals are put in an
improper place or exposed to the air for a long time, may absorb the moisture
in the air or be polluted by other components in the air, we need to place it
in the moisture-proof box for long-term storage, make sure that there is no
dilution or pollution. Because the highly absorbent materials of the endoscope
cabinet not only absorb water molecules but also absorb other particles.

When the Biological reagents, analytical reagents, Aladdin's reagents, and
other common chemical reagents stored in the moisture-proof box, we need to pay
attention to is that the cover or bag of the reagents should be well covered to
prevent the volatilization of the reagents from slowly corroding the interior
and accessories of the endoscope drying and storage cabinet . And the surgical
instrument drying cabinet where the chemical reagents are placed should be
treated with three preventions to ensure the service life of the products.
flexible endoscopy scope drying cabinets configuration of high strength load
shelves, according to the storage of materials can adjust the height between
each shelf, storage materials more convenient, higher space utilization rate.
And the quantity can be increased or decreased according to the actual

As one of endoscope drying cabinets suppliers, we can offer kinds of dry
cabinets for sale, anything you need, please leave us a message.

Minimum Order: 1 long tons

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