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Smart Self-service meal pickup Cabinet

Smart Self-service meal pickup Cabinet outdoor stainless steel cabinets

Say goodbye to queuing up to pick up food manually-Smart Self-service meal
pickup Cabinet
Jiancheng Smart Self-service meal pickup Cabinets: the main cabinet + multiple
auxiliary cabinets are assembled together, freely matched according to the size
of the site, and the assembly can be quickly completed on site and put into
use. The whole machine reaches IPX4 waterproof level, rust-proof and moisture-
proof, and has a long service life; electromagnetic lock design, with emergency
maintenance mechanism, safe and reliable; human-computer interaction, more
intelligent, simple and convenient to use.
Product dimensions:
External dimension: L1030*H1970*D380 mm
Large grid size: L251*H230*D320 mm
Small grid size: L251*H160*D320 mm
Note: The outer size of the cabinet and the size of the grid can be customized
if there is special demand.

Items      Description 
Color      Customized
Grid Quantity       Cabinet 19 boxes, attached cabinet 21
The thickness of steel plate          1.0mm    
The input voltage       220V       
Temperature range       room temperature~55°       
The main control system   Android 
Temperature control   Single grid control
Heating mode Carbon fiber heating wire
Disinfection mode Ultraviolet lamp
Smart Self-service meal pickup Cabinet Direction for use
Rider delivery food
The rider opens the APP, finds the order to be delivered, and there is a QR
code on the order interface. After scanning the QR code, select the size of
grid, and the system will automatically allocate a grid. The rider will put in
the food and close the door. The system will automatically inform the user to
take the meal information.
Users pick up meal
After the rider deposits the meal, the system will automatically send a short
message to inform the user to take the meal, which contains the meal number.The
user enters the order code on the screen to pick up the meal.
Installation and debugging
Indoor installations
There are 4 Forma wheels at the bottom of the cabinet, which generally do not
need special installation and can be used when placed in a fixed place. If you
need to install the dumping prevention device, you need to buy a separate
dumping Angle guard, and the need for professional on-site construction. Anti-
dumping corner protection needs to be drilled on the ground, and it needs to
communicate and coordinate with the property management in advance.
The good installation effect of anti-dumping corner guard is as follows:
Outdoor installations
 The cabinet is different from the Courier cabinet, which has a single
heating, disinfection and other functions. It has a large number of electronic
devices inside. And because the cabinet is placed with food products, the
cabinet cannot be completely exposed to the outdoors and be exposed to the sun
and rain. If you want to be placed outdoors, you must install a canopy device.
The effect of the canopy refers to the general express cabinet.
The main work of the debugging of the cabinet is field testing, network
configuration, ID allocation, operation and maintenance administrator
configuration, and timing task setting.

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Smart Self-service meal pickup Cabinet
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