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Sharing Battery Changing Cabinet

Sharing Battery Changing Cabinet Intelligent Sharing Battery Changing
Cabinet outdoor power cabinet

Intelligent sharing battery changing cabinet: It mainly provides safe storage,
charging management and fast battery swap services for electric motorcycle
battery equipment, it has functions such as battery abnormal reminder, charger
failure reminder, power monitoring, power failure memory, and free power

Jiancheng Intelligent sharing battery changing cabinet integrates Internet of
Things technology and lithium battery BMS management technology to replace user
charging by centralized power changing, and solve the battery charging problem
of more than 350 million electric vehicles in China. It is presented in the
form of intelligent shared power changing cabinets, upgrading the original user
charging mode to the centralized power changing mode of power changing cabinets
all over the city.

Users can log in to the mobile phone client to view the information of nearby
swap stations, and according to the content of the code scanning prompts, they
can complete the charging and swapping business alone, the operation is simple,
safe and convenient, and has a wide range of applications. Merchants log in to
the background for remote operation and maintenance operations to fully
guarantee the maintainability of the product.
Product Features:
Intelligent s , haring battery cabinet solution is a new ty , pe of sharing
 economy equipment. The app , earance and performance is a combination of< , br> shared power bank and shared courier ca , binet. In terms of system ar
chitecture a , nd system composition of the intelligent sha , ring electric c
hanging cabinet is very s , imilar to other sharing equipment. 
The p , roduct composition is as follows:
1. Several chargers for charging, borrowing and collecting battery module
information. The charger is build-in on the surface of the cabinet body and
electrically connected with the control module;
2. The battery module receives charging and discharging signals, outputs
electric quantity information and stores electric quantity, communicates with
the data module and electrically connects with the control module;
3. Charging interface, connect the charger with the battery module and
transfer electricity, and electrically connect with the battery module and the
control module respectively.
4. Intelligent sharing cabinet terminal: the physical hardware part of the
whole system, which is responsible for the storage of battery equipment. It
looks like a Courier cabinet, with different grids, and each grid stores a
battery. There is usually a screen on the battery cabinet, which can display
the QR code of the cabinet operation. The cabinet controls the opening of the
cabinet door to complete the battery rental. At the same time, each cabinet
category is equipped with a charging device, which can automatically charge the
5, Battery: different from the traditional lead-acid battery, usually using
lithium battery, more durable, the battery put into each cabinet door, the user
opens the door when renting, the user can take out from the cabinet
6. WeChat applet or APP client terminal: This is the client terminal for
users to operate, usually is WeChat applet /iOS Android APP, which mainly
realizes functions such as battery replacement process, fee payment, deposit
payment and withdrawal, etc.
7. Cloud server: it is the central control of the whole system and connects
all other parts to realize the corresponding business process.

Product Functions:
* Fast Speed: electricity chan , ging only 10 seconds, no need to wait,
Sharing Battery Changing Cabinet
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