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FBG Sensor

FBG sensors can be deployed in harsh environments including high
temperature, high radiation, high vacuum, high pressure, and low-
temperature, such as power transformer, switch cabinet and other power
equipment hot spot monitoring; high-power generator vibration and
temperature monitoring; wind blade monitoring; aircraft fuel tank stress
monitoring; thermal nuclear reactor strain, temperature, and displacement
monitoring; spacecraft monitoring and so on. As a professional fiber Bragg
grating manufacturer, T&S can provide you with high-quality sensor FBG at
reasonable prices, our production line includes FBG strain sensor, FBG
temperature sensor, fiber bragg grating pressure sensor, etc. Please feel
free to leave us a message.

FBG Sensor Application
Commercial transportation

Complicated sensing of humidity, high voltage, oil, etc.

Advanced telecommunications

Multi-point measurements

Wind blade monitoring

Aircraft fuel tank stress monitoring

Spacecraft monitoring

Optical Strain Gauge - How Does It Work?
Though mainly used to measure strain, the fiber Bragg grating pressure
sensor can actually be integrated into different types of transducers. It
can effectively conduct the functions of measuring temperature,
acceleration, or displacement. In comparison with the traditional electrical
strain gauges, the sensor FBG does not need any electricity. Working on the
basis of the light that propagates through a fiber, the FBG pressure sensor
are completely passive and immune. However, it should be noted that
normally, the FBG sensors are extremely susceptible to temperature. The
fiber will expand when the temperature rises and contract when the
temperature drops. Thus, it is important to make sure temperature
compensation towards the sensor FBG is well done during its working time.

FBG Sensor FAQs
Where can FBG temperature sensors be used?
Due to its good insulation performance, explosion-proof, waterproof and
anti-electromagnetic interference ability, FBG temperature sensors is
especially suitable for complex applications such as humidity, high voltage,
oil and so on.

Does the FBG sensor need maintenance after installation?
After the installation and debugging of the sensor FBG, no additional
maintenance is needed. You will only need to protect the FBG pressure
sensors from damage and fracture.

T&S Communications is one of professional fiber optic accessories suppliers.
We provide WDMs, Fiber Optic Component and so on. Want to know more? Please
contact us.
FBG Sensor
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