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four source vacuum resistance evaporation coating machine

Four source high vacuum evaporation coating equipment
Model: CY-EVP325S-4S-T

This equipment is a four-source high-vacuum evaporation coater. The equipment
adopts a front-opening door vacuum chamber design. In addition, the chamber is
increased to 500mm. The distance between the sample stage and the evaporation
source has a larger adjustment range, which can adapt to various evaporation needs.
It avoids the sample being damaged by the high temperature of the evaporation
The chamber adopts an top sample stage, the sample stage can be rotated, heated and
lifted, and all operations can be integrated and controlled through the touch
screen. The equipment vacuum system is a two-stage vacuum system composed of a two-
stage rotary vane pump and a turbo molecular pump, which can provide a clean and
oil-free high vacuum environment. The equipment is equipped with a pneumatic valve
system. Through the automatic control of the operating system, the user can perform
operations such as one-button vacuum pumping, non-stop take out and place sample,
and complete shutdown from the touch screen.
The equipment is equipped with four sets of tungsten boat evaporation sources and
water-cooled copper electrode. Each evaporation source supports a large current of
100A and a heating temperature of 1800℃. It can realize multi-layer coating or
mixed coating of multiple materials.

Technical parameters:
1. Sample stage Size
Maximum support φ150mm samples
Height Adjustable up and down 140mm
2. Evaporation source Quantity Tungsten Boat x4
3. Vacuum chamber Chamber size
φ325mm x 510mm Observation window Front φ100mm with shading plate
Chamber material 304 stainless steel Open method Front door opening
4. Film thickness control
Crystal oscillator type film thickness measuring instrument, optional multi-channel
film thickness controller
5. Vacuum system
Backing pump Two stage rotary vane pump Pumping port KF16
Secondary pump Turbomolecular pump Pumping port CF160
Vacuum measurement Resistance + ionization
Compound vacuum gauge Exhaust rate Mechanical pump 1.1L/s
Ultimate vacuum 1.0E-5Pa Power supply Molecular pump 600L/s
6. Control system PLC automatic control
7. Operation interface: touch screen + operation panel
8. Others Supply voltage
AC220V,50Hz Overall size 1000mm x 800mm x 1500mm
Total power 10kW Total Weight 350kg

Minimum Order: 1 sets

four source vacuum resistance evaporation coating machine
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