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IG100 fire suppression system in 2021

Product Description

IG100 Fire Suppression System

IG100 fire extinguishing system uses 100% pressurized nitrogen, which
accounts for 78% of the atmosphere, as the extinguishing agent. Its ozone
depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) are zero. The
atmospheric retention time is zero without any adverse effects on the
environment. It fully integrates the design concept of the fire-
extinguishing system in the new era, so that the product successfully has
the function of environmental protection and efficient fire-fighting.

Characteristics of IG100 fire suppression system: protecting the ecological
environment of the earth, safety and hygiene do not interfere with vision,
no stain caused by extinguishing agent, durable of fire fighting effect.
Nitrogen can be separated from the air and produced from a wide range of
sources at a cheap charge.


No. Specification Technical Parameter
1 Working Pressure 200bar 300bar
2 Device Model DMP80/20 DMP80/30
3 Capacity 80Ltr
4 Filling Capacity of Gas 20kg 24.7kg
5 Outside Diameter of Cylinder Φ279mm Φ267mm
6 Height of Cylinder 1610mm 1770mm
7 Spraying Time ≤120s
8 Filling Rate 0.25kg/L 0.31
9 Power DC24V/1.6A
10 Nitrogen Pressure of Driving Device 6.0±1.0Mpa(20℃)
11 Condition of Reserving Room temperature: 0~50℃
12 Max Working Pressure 23.2Mpa 36.3Mpa
13 Min Working Pressure 18Mpa 27Mpa

IG100 fire suppression system in 2021 0


Storage cylinder group, storage cylinder group frame, nitrogen driving
device, nitrogen driving device frame, the cylinder valve, liquid flow check
valve, air flow check valve, electromagnetic starter, gas conveying
pipeline, collecting pipe, choice valve, three links, reducer tee, reduceing
elbow, flange, safety valve, pressure transmitter, pipe, nozzle, chemicals,
fire detector, fire controller, sound and light alarm, alarm bell, gas
light, emergency start / stop button, etc.


Computer room, telecommunication room, transformer room, electrical switch
and distribution room, generator room, leaching tank, drying equipment,
paint spraying booth, electrical instrument room, control center, library,
archives, treasure trove of cultural relics, etc.


Suitable for occupied areas
Electrically non – conductive
Chemically inert
Colourless, odourless and flavourless
No residue to clean up after the discharge
Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
No greenhouse effect
No global warming impact
No decomposition products
No fog and no loss of post-discharge visibility
Non corrosive/toxic
Stored as a gas
Excellent post-discharge visibility
Very low refill cost.
Easy to obtain anywhere in the world


Environmental Management System Certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
Certificate of China Compulsory Product Certification
IG100 fire suppression system in 2021
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