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Medium mature large fruit watermelon Seedless Watermelon

Product Name: Watermelon Xi Nong No.8
Weight (G): 50
Selling Price USD: $13.33

Product Description
Main characters:
Medium mature large fruit watermelon variety, single melon weighs about 10kg,
and large melon can reach more than 20kg. It matures about 33 days after
flowering, grows healthily and is easy to bear fruit. The fruit is oval, and
the peel is green, covered with dark green stripes. The melon pulp is red,
crisp and juicy, tastes good, and the central sugar content is 12.5-13.2%. Wide
adaptability, storage and transportation resistance.
Main cultivation measures:
The sandy soil with loose soil, deep soil layer and good drainage is suitable.
Build wide and high ridges, cover wide plastic film, raise seedlings and
transplant. Maintain 500-600 seedlings per mu, prune three vines, and keep
melons in the second or third female flower. Scientific management of
fertilizer and water, the base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer,
supplemented by multi-element compound fertilizer; Avoid excessive nitrogen
fertilizer in the whole growth period, and control fertilizer and water before
fruit setting to prevent flourishing; Pay attention to the balanced supply of
water and fertilizer during the expansion period, and the top dressing is
mainly multi-element compound fertilizer; Avoid drought, water shortage and
flood irrigation. Pay attention to aphid control and avoid watering 8 days
before harvest, which can improve the quality. In case of low temperature and
rainy weather during fruit setting, artificial pollination shall be carried out
in time. Remove the bruised fruit, deformed fruit and pest fruit as soon as
Adaptability of Dayu Good Resistance Seedless Watermelon Seeds:
under suitable climatic conditions, the variety has wide adaptability, good
stress resistance, strong disease resistance, continuous cropping resistance,
good yield and stable yield. The suitable growth temperature is 18 ℃ - 32 ℃,
and the general yield per mu is 5000kg.
Quality index
Purity Cleanliness Germination Ratio Water Content
≥95% ≥99% ≥90% ≤8%
Country of Origin China

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Medium mature large fruit watermelon      Seedless Watermelon
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