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Solar Panel

We are a well-known solar system company and we have 12 years of manufacturing
experience for solar products, which include the solar module, solar power
system and solar lighting products, passing important tests in various
industries like TUV, CE, CQC, FCC, RHOS, ETL, etc.. All products will be tested
strictly before delivery. A reliable solar project must be equipped with
reliable solar products.

Solar panel, also can be called as "photovoltaic module", mainly made up of
crystalline silicon sheets, and anodized aluminum alloy frame. In this kind of
solar system module, the crystalline silicon convert sunlight to electricity
through photovoltaic effect. AC module solar penal can be installed on house
roof to supply power for homes and save electricity bills, supply power at
remote places which has no access to power grid, can be installed on touring
car or portable to camp field for power supply.

Sunworth Solar Energy is a top solar product manufacturer, or specificly,
quality solar panel manufacturer in China having various sizes of new solar
panels such as mono crystalline panel, including micro, mini, small and large
solar array panels for outdoor lighting for sale at a low price. Besides, we
have solar panels for sale for home, including small solar panels for home,
which is also be called solar energy panels for home. Solar panel for house
price is pretty low, it is worthwhile to purchase solar panels for home. So
please contact us and buy affordable solar PV panels direct from China!

Features Of Sunworth Complete Panel Solar Cell Module
Solar energy and power equipment has positive tolerance to ensure higher
Solar powered devices have got excellent power generation performance under
low-light irradiation environments
Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss due to dirt and
High salt and ammonia resistance certified by TUV.
Certified to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy loads and impacts.

FAQs Of Sunworth Solar Panel
Shall I choose monocrystalline panels or polycrystalline panels?
Both mono and poly solar system module will help saving electricity bills for
you. As you may know mono is more efficient than poly. If your location space
for installing solar panels is limited and you want as much power generated as
possible, then please choose mono. Please contact us for some professional

How do solar panels work?
The core material of solar panels is crystal silicon solar cells. Crystal
Silicon is a kind of semiconducting matenal. When sunlight fall on the silicon
cells, electrons will be knocked free from atoms, and generate a flow of
current when there is closed-loop circuit. Then the electricity current flow
into batteries or directly connected loads.

How long is solar panels' service life?
Sunworth has a 25 years power output warranty, (90% power output for 10 years,
and 80% power output for 25 years) for our solar panels. But this isn't saying
that they will stop generating electricity after 25 years. It can still
generate electricity but just not as much as a worthy level.

Minimum Order: 10 sets

Solar Panel
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