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The Rated Flow Setting AAK Hydraulic Valve is Unique and Distinctive

Bryson is a hydraulic customer from the UK. Recently, a batch of hydraulic
cartridge valves he temporarily purchased were in trouble. Because the
parameters from customer were not complete, he used the same model product
recommended by the hydraulic valve manufacturer instead. During testing, the
flow parameters were not equal. The rated flow of the hydraulic cartridge valve
was smaller than the working flow and could not be used normally, which wasted
more than 10 days and the delivery time was urgent. He contacted with more than
10 hydraulic valve manufacturers. For hydraulic cartridge valves of the same
model, their rated flow setting is either smaller than the working flow or
close to the working flow of the system. Bryson was very distressed that no
hydraulic cartridge valve has a rated flow setting greater than the working

Bryson found AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. From AAK website, he felt that AAK HYDRAULIC
VALVE was a little different from other hydraulic valve manufacturers. With a
try attitude, Bryson actively contacted us and sent us the product picture and
product model of this hydraulic cartridge valve. He just emphasized that the
rated flow must be greater than the working flow and asked us to recommend the
hydraulic cartridge valve of the same model, there was no any parameter
information. After careful comparison, AAK engineers sent pictures and drawings
of a hydraulic cartridge valve of the same model. Bryson asked us to send the
hydraulic cartridge valve samples as soon as possible.

On the 3rd day after receiving the hydraulic cartridge valve sample, Bryson
emailed to inform that the rated flow of AAK hydraulic cartridge valve can
really meet the normal operation of their current hydraulic system. Bryson
expressed his curiosity that the hydraulic cartridge valve model recommended by
AAK is consistent with that recommended by other manufacturers. How can there
be such a big difference in the rated flow setting?

For the selection of flow specifications of hydraulic valves, the settings of
each factory are different. If the rated flow of the valve is close to the
working flow of the system, this situation is the most economical and cost-
effective, and it is also the first choice of nearly 90% of hydraulic valve
manufacturers. But there may be a problem, once the working flow in the
hydraulic system exceeds the rated flow, it will cause hydraulic clamping and
affect the hydraulic power. It will also have an adverse impact on the
hydraulic system of the valve. To be safe, when all cartridge valves are
produced, AAK will give priority to the maximum flow that may pass through the
circuit where the hydraulic valve is located, and the setting of rated flow is
greater than the maximum flow of operation, so as to ensure the normal
operation of whole system, which is also the reason why most customers prefer

After knowing this information, Bryson is more convinced that AAK HYDRAULIC
VALVE is different from other hydraulic valve manufacturers. It has been more
than 3 months since we shipped the last goods to Bryson. Today, 200 hydraulic
cartridge valves are re-ordered. Bryson told me that since AAK hydraulic
cartridge valve was used, there was no hydraulic clamping problem in the
hydraulic system. Their sales increased by 30% compared with the same period.
The boss was very satisfied with his procurement work.

The rated flow setting of AAK hydraulic valve meets the flow requirements of
each system. Welcome to try an order! , ail/hydraulic-cartridge-valves-aak130
The Rated Flow Setting AAK Hydraulic Valve is Unique and Distinctive
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