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The valve spool hardness of AAK hydraulic flow valves reached 65HRC

The valve spool hardness of AAK hydraulic flow valves reached 65HRC, the German
customer Felix was impressed after receiving the first batch of shipments. Last
week, he placed a reorder for 9,600 hydraulic flow valves, with a total value
of more than 60,000 US dollars, and regarded AAK as his preferred supplier for
hydraulic valve purchasing in China.

In the hydraulic valve industry, more and more hydraulic valve manufacturers
focus on homogeneous hydraulic valves, resulting in a decline in the level of
hydraulic valve material selection and material reprocessing technology. Many
hydraulic valve manufacturers think that their valve spool hardness meets the
standard, but problems come out when they make samples or run production. The
reason why most of hydraulic valve manufacturers can not solve the hardness
problem well, mainly is: 1) without professional and systematic material
knowledge, don't know how to choose the most suitable alloy steel material. 2)
In the heat treatment of materials, most of them are led by the processing
plants, mainly because the heat treatment is outward processing, and 20% of the
outward processing is to change a place with one shot, and the hardness can not
be guaranteed at all.

Before the first cooperation with AAK, Felix consulted no less than 30
hydraulic valve manufacturers for the hydraulic flow valve with 65HRC valve
spool hardness within 1 month. Only 2 said that 58HRC was the limit they can
achieve. As for the other hydraulic valve manufacturers, no any feedback at
all. Felix was extremely disappointed.

When browsing the B2B website, Felix accidentally encountered an article about
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. The article mentioned that 30 factories could not make the
valve spool with a hardness of 65HRC, but AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE had already
achieved in mass production, which made him curious about how the AAK HYDRAULIC
VALVE can be different. Felix learned that AAK has its own set of SOP for the
selection of valve spool materials. Unlike the other hydraulic valve
manufacturers, who use one material for nearly all hydraulic valves. AAK will
select the most suitable steel according to the working scene of hydraulic
valve, the medium used and the hydraulic parameters of customers, combined with
the wear resistance, linear expansion coefficient and deformation of different
steel, such as Cr12MoV, 12CrNi3A 18crniwa, GCr15 and other high-grade tool

More importantly, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has its own heat treatment plant, which
can adopt different heat treatment methods in quenching, carburizing and
nitriding according to different contents of steel. For example, pretreatment,
quenching, cold treatment, tempering, aging, fine processing and other
secondary aging, the aging temperature and holding time of these processes are
the key. AAK can achieve the aging temperature of 420 degrees, holding for more
than 10h, and also obtain the hardness of 65HRC or above. It is difficult for
other hydraulic valve manufacturers to have this process flow or operation

Felix knows very well that if the valve spool wants to reach the hardness index
of 65HRC, the hydraulic valve manufacturer must solve the above two key points
at the same time, and AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE is what he thinks. Felix sent us the
design drawings of hydraulic flow valves with a try attitude. During sampling
period, he asked us to adjust the parameters and proofing twice. Finally, he
only confirmed the small order of 200 hydraulic flow valves. One month after
receiving the shipments, Felix emailed us that his customers were very
satisfied with AAAK valve spools, and each valve spool was stable at the
hardness index of 65HRC.

From the delivery of the first batch of hydraulic flow valves to now, it has
been only more than 3 months. We did not expect that the quantity of the repeat
order for the hydraulic flow valves has increased by 5 times, which is
undoubtedly the best recognition of AAK hydraulic quality.

AAK hydraulic valve has advantages and promises. Also, AAK hydraulic valve has
a service life longer than over 90% of its peers. If you need it, please give
it a try. , l/hydraulic-flow-concrol-valve-aak108
The valve spool hardness of AAK hydraulic flow valves reached 65HRC
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