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Tropical Foil

Tropical Blister Foil is a specialized packaging material that is used
extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to protect and preserve medication.
It is made by laminating a layer of aluminum foil to a layer of plastic film,
which creates a strong and durable barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light.
Tropical Blister Foil can provide excellent protection against moisture, which
is a major cause of degradation in many medications. The aluminum layer
provides a barrier against moisture, while the plastic film layer helps to seal
the package and prevent any moisture from entering.
In addition to its moisture protection properties, Tropical Blister Foil
packaging also offers excellent barrier properties against oxygen and light,
which can cause degradation and loss of potency in many medications. This makes
it an ideal pharma packaging material for medications that are sensitive to
oxygen and light.

Tropical Blister from Hysum is available in a variety of sizes and
thicknesses to meet the specific needs of different medications and packaging
requirements. It can also be customized with printing and branding to help
promote the medication and provide important information to the end user.
Tropical Blister Foil is a highly effective and reliable packaging material
that is essential for protecting and preserving medication in challenging
environmental conditions. As a professional Tropical Blister Foil Supplier,
Hysum plays a critical role in ensuring that medications are delivered to
patients in the best possible condition. 
Perfect upgrade solutions of the moisture-proof bags with pillow-shaped film;
Unique heat sealing formula for more tight, more energy-efficient and faster
One of the few approved packaging materials class I, and more stringent
compliance with GMP;
Under normal circumstances, the comprehensive cost is no higher than that of
aluminumplastic sheet cover bags;
There has been a flood of praise for 13 years for the acceptance materials
specified by several pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers;
Higher appearance grade, better quality protection and more automatic
production when compared with aluminum-plastic sheet cover bags
Tropical Foil
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