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Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S)

Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S), a universal controller designed for
mobile robots (AGV, AMR, etc.) in industrial fields, provides some major
features such as map editing, localization navigation and model editing. This
warehouse robot controller adapts to the various popular lidars and provides
abundant interfaces such as I/O, CAN, RS485 to access to various sensors and
driving devices. It integrates the key components together with powerful client
software to help users quickly complete manufacture and deployment of mobile

Descriptions of Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S)
Various Features
Comprehensive and excellent basic features enable easy building of mobile
robots. Rich and practical optional features provide clients with a one-stop
solution to all kind of application problems facing robots.
Flexible Applications
The solution is available to meet the different application requirements and
adapt to the various motion models. It adapts to a variety of models. The
standard SRC series core controller can adapt to the two-wheel differential
motion model. Clients can also choose motion models such as single-steering
wheel, four-wheel drive Mecanum wheel and double-steering wheel.
Rich Interfaces
It provides a wealth of external interfaces and communication buses including
RS232, RS485, CAN, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, DI/Power DO, adaptable to various
non-standard requirements, and provides clear channels for user convenience. It
supports multi-sensor security protection including but not limited to laser,
collision strip, I/O type ultrasound, photo-electric and other soft extensions.
It meets a variety of communication protocols, and supports ModBus and TCP/IP
protocols for external calls.
Precise localization and Identification
QR code precise localization When a mobile robot needs to be accurately located
at a point, the location can be precisely adjusted by adding a QR code at the
point. Shelf identification In some scenarios (such as latent jacking and
latent traction), the shelf identification feature allows the mobile robot to
identify the exact position of the shelf, thereby ensuring that the mobile
robot is directly below the shelf after entering it. Pallet identification A
vision sensor is added to identify the exact position of a pallet so that the
automatic forklift can accurately fork the pallet. Cage identification A vision
sensor is added to identify the exact position of a cage so that the automatic
forklift can accurately fork the cage.
Ultra-stable Navigation
Network stability When there are multiple APs at the user site, the mobile
robot can perform fast and stable roaming switching among multiple APs with
optional industrial-grade Wifi client module that supports roaming to ensure
the stability of the scheduling system connection. Navigation stability
Multiple navigation approaches ensure stable operation of the mobile robot. 3D
obstacle avoidance A 3D vision sensor is added to identify and detect some
three-dimensional obstacles and choose to stop or bypass according to the

Specifications of Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S)
Functional Safety    
Safety Integrity Level -  
Safety Performance Level -  
Controller Performance    
CPU x86 Dual-core  
Internal Storage 4GB DDR3  
First Hard Disk 64GB SSD  
Second Hard Disk -  
Digital Input & Output    
Power DO 8-Way (single-loaded 24V/2A; 8-Way total load capacity ≤5A)
DO 2  
DI 11-Way (NPN)  
Bus Interface    
CAN 2  
RS485 3  
Battery Communication Interfaces 1-Way (RS485/RS232 optional interface)
Sin/Cos Encoder Interfaces -  
Internet Interface    
Ethernet 6 + 1 Way Gigabit (1 is for extended Wi-Fi client)  
Wi-Fi Dual-band 2.4G/5G 802.11ac 1T1X  
LTE/5G -  
Other Interfaces    
USB2.0 2  
USB3.0 2  
Audio Input/Output 1/1  
Robot-Specific Functions    
One-Button Power ON/OFF 1  
Battery Switch 1  
Emergency Stop Input 1  
Emergency Stop Output 2  
Parameter Performance    
Navigation Accuracy* ±10mm, ±1°  
Navigation Speed ≤2m/s  
Map Area (single frame) ≤400000m²  
Basic Functions ●  
Advanced Motion Model ○  
Forklift Basic Kit -  
Wi-Fi Roaming ○  
Automatic Charging ●  
Other Advanced Features ○  
Working Environment Parameters    
Working Temperature & Humidity TEMP: 0~50°C / RH: 10~90%, no compression, no
Working Voltage 22~26V/150mVpp  
Working Current <2A (excluding DO output current)  
IP Rating IP42  
Length * Width * Height 225*128*84mm  
Certified Product    
CE Conform to EN 61010-1:2010, CE-EMC (IEC 61326-1) Standards  

√ supported - not supported ○ Optional
①The positioning accuracy is affected by environment, mechanical structure,
driver, etc. Please refer to the positioning accuracy interpretation in the
final technical agreement
② The actual maximum navigation speed will be limited by motor speed, wheel
radius, wheelbase, etc
③ Some functions need additional accessories, please refer to the appendix for
④ Basic features include map editing, model editing, positioning module,
navigation module, basic motion model (differential), peripheral expansion
function (roller, jacking, latent traction), API interface, etc
⑤ If the forklift version is equipped with the 3D obstacle avoidance function,
it can only stop when it encounters an obstacle, it cannot walk around the

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Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S)
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