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Date/Time:  6/11/22 2:05 GMT

ZTE ZXDU68B301 embedded DC power system 9U 300A

ZTE ZXDU68B301 embedded power system adopts embedded installation design,
which is suitable for standard 19-inch cabinet installation. Nominal output
voltage: -48V, nominal output current: 300A. The system can adapt to a wide
range of AC input, and has the functions of intelligent battery management
and remote environmental monitoring.
Product features
Power supply technology and computer technology are organically combined to
monitor and control various parameters and states of rectifier and AC/DC
distribution in real time.
Three-phase AC voltage input is adopted, which has a very wide input voltage
range and is suitable for areas with unstable power.
Flexible configuration, more than 6 48V5OA switching rectifiers can be
configured. Switch rectifier has hot-swap function.
With automatic battery management function. The monitoring unit
automatically measures the charging and discharging current of the battery,
and can control the system to float/uniformly charge the battery.
Provide secondary power-down function. When the system is switched to
battery power supply, there will be audible and visual alarm after the
battery voltage is too low.
According to the importance of the load, the load is divided into two
groups, and the important load has a longer working time.
The system adopts multilevel lightning protection technology. Configure heat
exchanger, battery heating board (optional configuration) and environmental
monitoring board (optional configuration), so that the system has strong
adaptability to the field environment.
The system has high reliability, with MTBF≥2.2×105h h.
Simple structure, dust-proof, waterproof, heat-insulating, burglarproof,
moisture-proof, mildew-proof, corrosion-proof and other functions, strong
environmental adaptability, and can be used in outdoor harsh environments.
Drawer structure is adopted, which is convenient for transportation,
installation and maintenance.
ZTE ZXDU68B301 embedded DC power system 9U 300A
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