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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valves 3 in 1 Reduce cost by 40%

Mayer has been working in a hydraulic equipment company in Brazil for 3 years.
In the first half of this year, they customized a hydraulic power unit for a
customer. The pressure supply range is 20bar to 450bar. 3 direct-acting
cartridge relief valves, high, medium and low pressure, are used. The equipment
was debugged smoothly, and the customer was also very satisfied. However, the
batch order was stuck because of the price. The customer reported that the
price of similar equipment in the market was 20% cheaper than theirs, and
requested that the price of this hydraulic power unit be reduced by 15% before
the batch order could be confirmed. The boss asked the engineer to optimize the
system to reduce cost. The engineer said that the only way to reduce the cost
was to combine the 3 cartridge direct-acting relief valves into 1. The original
cartridge relief valve manufacturer was powerless. Mayer contacted more than 10
cartridge valve manufacturers. They were either not interested or unable to
optimize. 2 weeks later, no results were achieved. Mayer was worried.

Mayer browsed AAK hydraulic valve in Google and left a message:
1. Can you customize the cartridge direct-acting relief valve with the
applicable pressure range of 20bar to 450bar?
2. The original system uses 3 high, medium and low pressure cartridge relief
valves. Can they be combined into 1 without affecting the function?
3. What is the lead time and cost for sample development?

According to his message, I judged that either the cost was challenged or the
customer was dissatisfied with the system. After communication, I learned the
trouble he faced. Based on his production drawings of cartridge direct-acting
relief valve and the system principle of the equipment, AAK engineers had a
discussion and came out a plan, but only 90% is sure. Mayer may be hesitating
and did not give us any news for a week. I thought he chose another cartridge
relief valve manufacturer, but I suddenly received his trial order. After 50
days, 10 samples of AAK newly designed cartridge direct-acting relief valves
were sent out.

1 month later, Mayer sent us a PO for 360 cartridge direct-acting relief
valves, and mentioned that AAK newly designed direct-acting cartridge relief
valves were used in equipment, and did not affect its functions, and helped
them reduce the cost by more than 15%. Only then did customer place order for
bulk equipment. According to the 3 levels of pressure, AAK has changed the
structure of the original hydraulic direct-acting cartridge relief valve,
reducing the manufacturing cost by more than 40%, in the following way:

1.A spring is arranged between the poppet valve spool and the pressure
regulating screw plug, and the vertical position at the front end of the poppet
valve spool corresponds to a cylindrical oil chamber, which is connected with
the oil inlet hole.

2.The horizontal position at the front end of the poppet valve spool
corresponds to the oil return hole. At the same time, a thrust belt is arranged
around the front end of the poppet valve spool, and the poppet valve spool is
provided with an oil hole.

3.The pressure oil enters the cylindrical oil chamber from the oil inlet hole,
and the oil pressure acts on the thrust ring. When the generated thrust is less
than the spring pressure, the poppet valve spool is closed; when its thrust is
greater than the spring pressure, the poppet valve spool opens the overflow,
which is suitable for the generalization of high, medium and low pressure

Mayer told me privately that he was promoted to the position of purchasing
manager a few days ago, and he was more and more energetic.

AAK hydraulic direct-acting cartridge relief valve is applicable to all kinds
of pressures. You can also have a small try! , l/cartridge-relief-valves-aak418
AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valves 3 in 1 Reduce cost by 40%
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