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Date/Time:  1/19/23 2:46 GMT

AAK hydraulic cartridge valve, CATERPILLAR in use

At the beginning of this year, CATERPILLAR received an order from African
customer for excavators with a delivery time of 2 months, which means that all
accessories must be in place within 1 month, including 600 hydraulic cartridge
valves. The production time for the factory is a little more than 2 weeks. The
purchaser Peter sent the order information of the hydraulic cartridge valve to
all the hydraulic valve manufacturers he contacted before at the first time.
More than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers said that they could not complete
the order of the hydraulic cartridge valve in such a short time, and it would
take at least 3 - 4 weeks. His supervisor was not satisfied with this delivery
time and asked him to find a new hydraulic valve manufacturer. After the email
was sent, there was basically no sound. Peter was very helpless and worried.

Peter asked Mark for help. Mark emailed AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE to ask if AAK could
produce 600 hydraulic cartridge valves in 2 weeks and CC Peter, and joking at
the end of the email that if AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE could not complete the
hydraulic cartridge valve order, then there is no need to waste time on looking
for a new hydraulic valve manufacturer.

According to the drawings they sent, AAK technical department found that this
was very close to the hydraulic cartridge valve supplied to a Russian customer
last year, so the time in the early stage of the production of the hydraulic
cartridge valve was saved. After the price of the hydraulic cartridge valve was
approved, the process data could be configured on the computer on the same day
and the production could be carried out the next day.

2 weeks later, 600 hydraulic cartridge valves were delivered on time, which was
the first of all the accessories purchased by Peter to arrive at the company's
warehouse. Peter didn't expect that the hydraulic cartridge valve he was most
worried about was the first to be completed.

Peter appreciated the advice from Mark and was also surprised that AAK could
complete this in 2 weeks, while his previous hydraulic valve suppliers needed
3-4 weeks. Mark told Peter:

1.AAK is his most trusted hydraulic valve manufacturer. AAK can surprise him
every time when the hydraulic valve order is urgent.
2.AAK has a large amount of data storage and clear classification. For
hydraulic valves with relevant data, they can use the most advanced UG /
SOLIDWORK software and finite element analysis method to configure process data
in 2 hours, which is 3-6 times faster than that of other suppliers.
3.AAK is equipped with advanced machine tools imported from Swiss, coupled with
their own modified fixtures, the production speed is accelerated and man-made
errors are avoided at the same time.

After listening to the introduction from Mark, Peter realized that only a good
hydraulic valve supplier can make his purchasing smooth.

CATERPILLAR successfully completed this urgent order. The boss was very happy
when he heard the news. For Peter, who was the first to complete the
purchasing, the boss affirmed his purchasing ability and praised him at the
meeting. Mark told me privately that Peter was very happy because his boss gave
him a promotion because of his excellent performance this time.

AAK hydraulic cartridge valve has reliable quality and guaranteed delivery
date. We are a manufacturer good at and focused on hydraulic cartridge valves
only. Welcome to have a small try!
AAK hydraulic cartridge valve, CATERPILLAR in use
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