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AAK Hydraulic relief valves, within 2μm hole accuracy

At the beginning of this year, Timoteo emailed us to asked about the
production time for 600 hydraulic relief valves, and it required that the
quality and parameters should be same as those of the previous samples,
especially that the valve hole accuracy must be 100% within 2μm. Timoteo is
from Italy and has been cooperating with AAK for more than 1 year. After
communication, we learned that the price of this hydraulic relief valve that
was previously tested in AAK was 20% higher than that of another hydraulic
cartridge valve manufacturer, so they did not purchase the larger quantity from
AAK. However, the hydraulic relief valves purchased from another manufacturer
have been complained by customers one after another. These hydraulic relief
valves were used in shield machine. The valve hole accuracy of some of these
hydraulic relief valves is over 2μm and caused equipment failure due to

Per the original manufacturer, this hydraulic relief valve has a very high
accuracy requirement. It is not avoidable that a little proportion of the goods
does not meet the accuracy standard, they can be replaced free of charge. But
after more than half a year, the high-frequency replacement makes the customer
unhappy. His boss asked Timoteo to replace the hydraulic relief valve supplier
immediately, and the valve hole accuracy must be 100% within 2μm. Timoteo can
only contact AAK, because during the testing stage, the valve hole accuracy of
AAK hydraulic relief valves were all within 2μm. Timoteo also frankly told us
that he should not have determined the hydraulic relief valve supplier blindly
based on price only.

After 30 days, AAK shipped 600 hydraulic relief valves. Until today, Timoteo
emailed us that AAK hydraulic relief valves have been installed on the
equipment for more than half a year, and no customer has complained. The boss
is very satisfied. I told him that as long as they are used properly, there
should be no leakage in another year, because the hole accuracy of AAK
hydraulic relief valves is 100% within 2μm.

Among so many hydraulic valve manufacturers, why only AAK can achieve 100%
accuracy guaranteed hydraulic relief valves? For the quality control of
hydraulic relief valves, AAK has 3 advantages, and I believe most hydraulic
valve factories do not have these 3 characteristics of AAK.

1、The valve hole of AAK hydraulic relief valve is precision machined with
TAMIX one-time tool walking high-speed ultra precision honing mill imported
from Japan, which is thoroughly ground without trace. In mass production, the
wear-resistant SPA cutter effectively ensures the stability of processing, and
the accuracy of valve hole is guaranteed to be within 1-2μm, the surface
roughness reaches Ra0.2-0.3.

2、After the valve hole processing is completed, AAK inspectors use the Diatest
small micropore diameter high-precision measuring instrument imported from
Germany to accurately measure each hydraulic relief valve hole, and the minimum
measurement accuracy range can reach 0.1μm, so as to ensure that the accuracy
of each valve meets the standard.

3、AAK has independently developed hydraulic relief valve durability test
equipment, which can fully carry out fatigue test on valves according to
customer specified requirements in combination with NFPA/T2.6.1 standards. Each
valve must be inspected to ensure that each hydraulic relief valve is qualified
before shipment.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, the accuracy meets the requirements 100%, High
Accuracy and Stability, you can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak307
 AAK Hydraulic relief valves, within 2μm hole accuracy
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