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AAK hydraulic relief valve has been used in aviation and military industry

Early March this year, Austin from Canada left a message on AAK website: AAK
hydraulic valves have been used in aviation field, can you produce hydraulic
relief valves with the valve body produced by nickel titanium alloy? For
similar messages, I basically reply that if there is a need, I will directly
sampling the hydraulic relief valves. Whether it can meet the standard is not
determined by mouth, but by data. After communication, it was learned that
their company has a power unit used in the aviation hydraulic system, and the
customer requires that the test run be completed within 3 months. Austin
contacted an old supplier of hydraulic relief valves with the best quality, and
the supplier promised to deliver 20 samples of high-precision hydraulic relief
valves within 40 days. After 20 days, the manufacturer of the hydraulic relief
valves can't bear it. In particular, the valve body of the hydraulic relief
valves is made of nickel titanium alloy. During processing, the cutting tools
were changed for 5 times, and 80% of the products were still scrapped.

Austin had to find a new manufacturer of hydraulic relief valves. He contacted
some new manufacturers in a few days, they either have no confidence in the
hydraulic relief valves used in the aviation field, or no reply at all. Austin
saw in Google that AAK hydraulic valve supplied to military enterprises and
aerospace equipment, and realized that maybe AAK can help solve the dilemma of
hydraulic relief valves. According to the hydraulic relief valve drawings and
working condition requirements emailed by Justin, AAK engineers found that this
hydraulic relief valve is just similar to the one supplied to Russian customer
last year. The difference is the valve hole size. It only needs to make small
modifications to the process procedure, and 20 hydraulic relief valve samples
are sent out after 15 days.

Two months later, Austin informed by email that the commissioning of the
equipment was very smooth with the use of AAK hydraulic relief valves. AAK was
the only one of more than 10 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers he contacted,
who dared to make samples directly and completed the non-standard hydraulic
relief valves in 2 weeks. Their engineers were surprised to have such a magical
hydraulic relief valve manufacturer.

The non-standard hydraulic valves were completed in 2 weeks, which most
hydraulic valve manufacturers can't do unless there are similar procedures. AAK
has a number of non-standard hydraulic valve procedures. The key reason why AAK
hydraulic relief valves can be supplied to military enterprises and aerospace
fields is the following 3 points. There may not be a second hydraulic relief
valve manufacturer in Ningbo that can meet the 3 points at the same time.

1. AAK technical team has engineers from the world's top 500 hydraulic valve
enterprises. They have their own experience in material selection, production
drawing design, oil circuit design and production quality control.

2. AAK has a high-precision CNC machining center imported from Switzerland and
Kennametal combined tool imported from the United States. This tool has the
best cutting ability for NiTi alloy with very high toughness and strength, and
has high advantages in life, performance, efficiency and stability.

3. AAK test equipment has 5 pressure test benches that can operate
independently of each other, and each test area is equipped with professional
inspectors, so as to ensure that each hydraulic relief valve is qualified
before shipment.

AAK high precision hydraulic relief valves can be used in aviation hydraulic
system. You can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak236
AAK hydraulic relief valve has been used in aviation and military industry
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