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12/14/20 3:13 GMT
sheet Metal Electrical Enclosure Box FIPFG Machine PU gasket machine

Electrical Cabinet Gasket Machine basic on the Foamed (Form)- in- place foam gasket technology or cure in place foam gasket technology. Application: Electric Switchboards, Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Enclosures, Anti-explosion box, Auto fittings mountings, Automobile mountings, the Automobile battery cover, Automobile inner door handle, Led lighting, lifting jack, Mitsubishi water-proof box, Percolator filter, plastic cabinet, Plastic water-proof box, Lamp cover, Locks shell, Purification room door, Refrigerator door, Transformer protect cover, Street lighting, Water-proof cabinet, Water-proof cabinet, Waterproof box, Transparent box, Air cleaning filter, ABS Enclosure Junction Box, ventilation cover, Explosion-proof light, Outdoor Lights, Street lighting, Stadium lighting, Brake lights, LED luminaire, Lighting fitting, Transformer protect cover, Plastic water-proof box… What’s the Electrical Cabinet Gasket Casting Machine Advantage? Formed in place foam gasket technology (FIPG and FIPFG) is used to mix and dispense two-component polyurethane foam materials directly onto the surface of objects/parts. This object can be paperboard, plastic, aluminum alloy, mild or galvanized steel, wood, and powder coat painted surfaces. Due to the outstanding chemical character of urethane elastomer, this FIP and CIP gasket can adhere to these objects perfectly, even after many years of use. Furthermore, this FIP and CIP gasket resists diluting acids, bases, and light oils. This technology replaces the traditional method of tape affixed, and the surface crust uniform and excellent flexibility.

Minimum Order: 1 bags


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